Help for Arduino IDE Users to Build Electronic Devices in Minutes!

Help for Arduino IDE Users to Build Electronic Devices in Minutes!

Thanks for the great feedback on these blogs. We want to make sure you have easy access to all the most important Arduino IDE related info for XinaBox in one place. 

XinaBox offers a range of cores (MCUs) compatible with Arduino IDE. Here is some quick advice on which is right for you:

Our Arduino Zero Compatible Kit (XK51) is a great starting point for new users, allowing anyone coding in Arduino IDE to build devices in minutes, and access to our comprehensive eco-system of 60+ modular sensors, output, control, communication, and auxiliary xChips. The kit includes sensors for hand gestures and proximity, magnetometer and accelerometer to measure motion in 3D including vibration, an 8 channel servo driver (enough to control an autonomous car), and mini OLED display for device output. It also comes with a coin battery power pack that can power the device for months. XinaBox's CC03 Cortex M0+ xChip Core Module (SAMD21G) brings you exactly the same Micro Controller Unit (MCU) as the Arduino Zero. Together the CC03 and the IP02 Advanced USB Programming offer the native programming functionality of the Arduino Zero. It's an easy start.

Here are tutorials to get you started with Arduino IDE and XinaBox:

We will be publishing more. Please send us your feedback on what you'd like to see.

And keeping the best for last, we have great projects and ideas for you and your xChips:

Just with the XK51 Kit you can make:

  • a tracker showing how smooth your driving is! Use the mini OLED to display how much you accelerate, brake and take sharp turns!
  • a tracker showing how much G-force and shocks you can take on your bike or skateboard
  • an M&Ms sorter, using the gesture sensor to identify M&M color, and the servo to steer M&Ms into colour coded piles
  • a servo controlled vehicle that uses the gesture sensor to:
    • avoid obstacles
    • follow lines based on colour (e.g. driving zig-zag to find the line
  • a snakes game on the OLED Display, controlled by the gesture sensor
  • use the servo driver to control a scary monster that starts when something moves close to it 
  • record on the display every time somebody opens your secret place

... and so much more when you add from our 60+ xChips ecosystem.


XinaBox allows users to:

  1. prototype rapidly, significantly improving time to market
  2. prototype cheaply, thereby also facilitating scaled beta testing
  3. be robust and cheap enough to be used as a final hardware product for small run projects
  4. produce customised runs for finished products
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