Automate Your Home or Office with Wi-Fi Remote Control

Automate Your Home or Office with Wi-Fi Remote Control

Looking for something productive to do during the COVID-19 lockdown? Why not automate parts of your home?

We used a Wi-Fi module (our CW01 Wi-Fi Core) a relay (OC03) and a power module (PG01) to build a circuit which we added to a motor-controlled gate.  We also needed to use a IP01 (or IP02) to load our code onto the CW01.  The circuit, when attached to the gate, looks like this:

The relay is triggered by the Wi-Fi module and, when triggered, it tells the gate to open or close. 

For the remote control we set up an IoT dashboard that includes a 'toggle' button: one click to open the gate and then click again to close it.  We can access the dashboard, and therefore the button, from any smart device, including a phone.  The Wi-Fi module in our circuit listens to messages from the IoT dashboard and triggers the relay when we push the button.

Take a look at in action:

Using xChips it only takes a couple of hours to build stuff like this: check out our project page for ideas.  There are also over 70 projects on Hackster.

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