Announcing the micro:bit data logger

Announcing the micro:bit data logger

Here at XinaBox we are proud and excited to announce a new product for the BBC micro:bit, which will be released later in September.

We have developed a new bridge to connect xChips to your micro:bit - the bridge is designed to make it easier to use Wi-Fi to connect your micro:bit to an IoT platform.

You may well be thinking that bridges are nothing to get excited about - they are just a means to an end and all they do is connect a micro:bit to a peripheral. We share that sentiment, which is why we've packed some extra features onto this one:

  • There is an LED which you can control from your micro:bit. We'll be releasing the MakeCode library for that later in the month.
  • You can add a microSD card, as shown in the video below:

Connecting an SD card to a micro:bit using the XinaBox IM01

It is the microSD card which is getting us, and educators who have reviewed the prototype, excited. It allows you to use your micro:bit as a sophisticated data logger - CSV files in excess of 1 gig can be saved onto the SD card. It is very simple to use too: you don't even need to write the code yourself, just download a hex file we will supply onto your micro:bit and turn it on to start logging tons and tons of data. This product will greatly enhance the ways in which the micro:bit can be used for data science, and its ease of use means it is suitable across the whole curriculum, not just in the computer science lab.

Please check back later in September when we will announce the official launch of this product. which we are calling the "IM01 micro:bit bridge and interface".

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