Announcing our partnership with ALSO AllThingsTalk

Announcing our partnership with ALSO AllThingsTalk

XinaBox is pleased to announce our partnership with ALSO AllThingsTalk.  We have teamed up to provide expert and non-expert users with a simple way to explore the Internet of Things (IoT) by creating smart devices and IoT systems. In attempting to explore and leverage Big Data and IoT technologies, many users still face a complex landscape of hardware, software and IoT services. By integrating XinaBox hardware (that anyone can assemble in seconds) and AllThingsTalk’s Maker platform (providing IoT tools to collect, connect, visualise and use the data) we have greatly improved and streamlined the user experience, making it easier for beginners to get started and for experts to get productive.

XinaBox is launching three IoT kits that give you access to this seamless integration with ALSO AllThingsTalk:

XK01 Starter Kit is a programmable weather station, based on the ESP8266 core with weather and light sensors, and a mini-OLED display

XK19 IoT Starter Kit comes with weather sensor and low voltage actuator, plus mini-OLED display, based on the popular ESP32 core

XK70 LoRaWAN IoT Starter Kit contains everything needed to build two LoRaWAN smart devices with sensors including GPS, low voltage actuator, and mini-OLED display 

About ALSO AllThingsTalk

ALSO AllThingsTalk develops and markets a scalable Internet of Things product platform which can be used as an agile prototyping environment, as well as full-service roll-out of connected products. It lets you connect hardware over a variety of networks and seamlessly manages devices and users, organising access, visualisation and usage of the collected data.  For more information:

About XinaBox

XinaBox offers a range of 80+ modular xChips that do not require soldering, wiring, breadboarding, or even hardware knowledge. All xChips are compatible in power and communications, providing an open ecosystem of cores, sensors, power, wireless communication, output, and storage devices. The hardware can be assembled in seconds, and we've made it as easy as possible to flash code and connect to the ATT IoT platform - a beginner can go from unboxing to connecting to the Cloud in less than 20 minutes. Devices can be coded in almost any popular language, including Arduino, JavaScript, C and C++, LUA, and Python/MicroPython. For more information:

4 November 2019

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