9 days until xChips Fly in Space!

9 days until xChips Fly in Space!

We're counting down to the 17th April 2019, when the Antares rocket launches ThinSats into orbit! 55 of them will carry a payload of xChip sensors!

Over one hundred schools have participated in this ground-breaking STEM programme and space journey to collect data, called the ThinSat® Programme. More about it can be found here, https://www.vaspace.org/index.php/thinsat-program.

The launch takes place on the 17th April 2019, with the Cygnus NG-11 mission from Wallops Island in Virginia, USA. Fifty-five student’s ThinSats will be deployed at an altitude of roughly 250 km and will enter what is known as Extreme Low Earth Orbit (ELEO).  Their task will be to collect data at this unique altitude, which has never been studied before. The satellites’ orbits will degrade, and they will re-enter the atmosphere after ten days. As these pico-satellites are only the size of a slice of bread, they will burn up completely in the atmosphere, and will not endanger anyone on our planet.

If you would like to know more and want your school to participate or follow the programme, please contact Judi Sandrock at js@xinabox.cc, or visit our website https://xinabox.cc/.



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